I have been having dreams about restaurants. Three of them now.

In the first dream I was with a group of people trying to get a table. The host sent us to the second floor to find one. The upstairs host sent us back down to the first floor. We had to mill around all the tables full of people looking for free spaces. No food was being served.

The second dream had a bed beside the restaurant table. I laid in the bed and took a nap. It was a bare mattress almost at table height with walls behind it like a booth. The waitstaff woke me to apologize for not making any food. I said "that's alright, I had a good nap" and left the restaurant.

The third dream took place outside. The restaurant tables were on the ground overlooking a hill down to a forest. A bear ran through the woods below. A moose charged up the hill and through the restaurant, causing patrons to jump out of the way. It knocked over one of those fast-food garbage and tray return units. Then everyone sat back down. No food was served.

I think my subconscious has forgotten what a restaurant is. The last restaurant I ate in was almost exactly a year ago on March 13th. And now my dreams have forgotten that there was a place you could go to sit down and eat a meal.